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I did the review your money is not safe with edward jones.

I didn't specify as to how the embezzlement and money laundering

happened. The trustees worked with the stockbroker the last year and a half of my fathers life when he was totally physically dependent and not able to get out at all on his own any more.

The stockbroker told me after my father died that neither he nor the trustees nor the attorney for the trustees ever had to communicate with me or provide documentation on my fathers estate. I am a beneficiary to every trust and probate asset of my fathers. I guess he thought I would just take that! NOT! after I did a legal demand for accounting ... all this embezzlement and money laundering showed up in the accounting. then they came up with a power of attorney hmmmm that gave the trustees permission to do anything and everything with any asset of my fathers assets including his trusts. yup the edward jones stockbroker was the signature and the lawyer was the notary. hmmm Your money is not safe with this company, this happened to my father who had spent decades ensuring that his trusts were in order. I am with USAA and they are of the highest ethics moral values and intelligence. AND there is no way for them to hide what has happened as every eye in the company can look at all your transactions. I can call up and anyone in the company can see what is going on with my accounts. Edward Jones it is the stockbroker alone and corporate. Corporate did NOT in any way help me. They went on lock down.

This power of attorney didnt' show up until the formal legal accounting was completed and it showed all this activity hmmm.

Difficult one and YEARS dealing with these people. It will never

be right. Nothing is hidden from God! This happened in Waxahachee


Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of outrageous attitude and pushy attitude. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of edward jones investments and services. Edward Jones needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Elder abuse is despicable and against the law. criminals


This happened in Waxahachie Texas and Edward Jones would rather cover up than legally defend one of their brokers Because they do not want it out in the public eye that this is going on with their brokers. How many of these type of brokers are with Edward Jones probably a lot because they turn a blind eye so this type of personality will be drawn to a situation where they know they won't be watched


Waxahachie, TX.... Just sayin...

to Just Me #1417745

Waxahachie Texas Garland Texas and probably a thousand other cities in the United States

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