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Worst investment advise I ever got thanks to narcissistic incompetent deceitful practices by a fraudulent imposter of ethics. It amazes me the Federal Trade Commission allows such obvious practitioners of outright fraud, malfeasance etc. etc. etc.license to continue as serious custodians of we the peoples life savings. Has this entire country been reduced to an endless supply of nothing but liars and thieves? Is the Federal Government a... Read more

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I saw all those advertisements on TV about Edwatd Jones decided to invest with them. I met the advisor and after looking at my Financial Folder, he suggested I should sell my Home Depot shares I had 129 Stocks. He let me keep 13 WOW. I LOST $17,000. I would of done better on my own. I complained to Corporate that he took advantage of an older woman. Needless to say , I left Edwatd Jones, I couldnt get into another office .They have too many... Read more

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Jonathan G Pearl of Edward Jones located in Providence Rhode Island was hired by my mother and I to handle her retirement account. Jonathan G Pearl has only been a financial advisor for only 2 years ( We should have done our homework before hand) well my mother is terminally ill and she requested we liquadate her accounts held by Jonathan Pearl and Edward Jones. I called Jonathan Pearl today to let him know what we wanted and he said NO! If you... Read more

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My mother had a trust through Edward Jones. And although she passed away 18 months ago, I have yet receive a monthly stipend. I am 66 years old and I have terminal cancer. A representative of Edward Jones has suggested that I get a job.

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Terrible experience. Investing with them has become a nightmare.

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OMG. DON'T. Just don't. You'll regret it and that's a promise. They constantly miss monthly payments they are supposed to make through their payment services. They lie. My God how they lie. When they screw up (often several times per month), they will tell you they already mailed the payment in question when they have not. Eventually, you will lose your electricity, then your water, your lease, and so on. But they will bill you for their... Read more

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We put my wife's Roth IRA into EJ. They lost $3K in two years (only $38K to start). The funds they direct you to are front-end loaded and the fees are well above the market average. The EJ reps are salespersons and little else. I understand. They have to make a living. Stock purchases are 4 times what you'll pay with someone like TdAmeritrade. We also had a savings account that lost money over the two years. Nice folks, but they are in... Read more

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My advice would be to buy Edward Jones stock..they are the only ones who make any money. I invested 1,500 and waited for a year...nothing except $40.00 taken out for their part . decided to try again and invested $1,000 more. I was assured it takes time yada yada. Well after 3 years and three or four months...nothing except $40.00 taken out each year by Edward Jones. Now i have $120.00 less so i call them up and cancel...this experiment is not... Read more

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only want their commissions, won't protect you, watch out for their own. don't give a da** about their clients only lining their pockets. will sell an annuity to a newly divorced woman with disabled child. horror the horror... stay away.. invest in real estate and rentals, don't take their 'maybe 6%' .. corporate politics, rip off artists. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. wh yis this making me write 100 words? I can't... Read more

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A young agent of Edward Jones comes knocking on my door looking for new business. Are they kidding? I'm going to trust my savings and investing with a kid who knows a fraction of what I do--who bothers people at their homes? In this day and age? They're lucky if they don't get shot. I'm pretty sure that people living in million-dollar houses got there by years of investing experience with trusted advisors. They will NOT give their... Read more

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