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JEREMY C. YODER is one of many Class A advisors at this firm. This is not a day trader investment program. They are very conservative, long term only. The bad reports of quick specs at EJ? Sorry, I don't believe it, they are quite the opposite. They don't promote email/hype trades. Jeremy watches and calls me with advice only, it's my choice. Working TOGETHER, Jeremy has kept us way above... Read more

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the only ones making are in their self named Advisory"circle that Excludes their clients... Add comment

Charge excessive fees and DO NOT tell you of these fees !!! Would NOT reccommend them!!!!! Add comment

I wrote a check to my advisor for 50k. Told him I wanted to invest it as diversified as possible. Before I knew it, he took it upon himself to spend 40k on oil stocks I had never heard of. When I called him on it he said they were financially sound companies and they paid good dividends. Within a few months I lost 14k. I had to pull the plug myself. They never sell. Paid high fees for this... Read more

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I've been investing my money with John Whitaker and Natalie Harrelson at Edward Jones in Columbia, SC for almost 10 years, and all of my investments have ALWAYS earned dividends. John and Natalie are extremely helpful and conscientious. I can't imagine letting my money sit in a savings account with some bank earning pennies on the dollar. All I can say to anyone who's had a bad experience with... Read more

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If you have a problem with Edward Jones in any state, please get a hold of the SEC and FINRA also your state commissions. I had a problem with an advisor that went bad and they took care of the problem. Please do not hesitate due to the fact right now Edward Jones has been up to a lot of iffy things, please google Edward Jones and the SEC or Edward Jones and FINRA to find out more..... Add comment

One advisor that works for Edward jones discussed my and my wifes future financial plans with wifes coworker. this is wrong at every level. let alone with the privacy statement that Edward jones gives you. I hope others have not experienced the same privacy violations. If you have complain immediately. Also trying to get something done is next to impossible. When calling they state they do not... Read more

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Seems that Edward Jones is good at suggesting these products but doesn't do a good job of getting you out when things go bad. They remind you that you are in it for the income but when the stock tanks 50% or more income becomes meaningless. I'm responsible for my own losses but they get an average of at least 1% per year plus commissions and don't really provide any value. I've learned a hard... Read more

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I did the review your money is not safe with edward jones. I didn't specify as to how the embezzlement and money laundering happened. The trustees worked with the stockbroker the last year and a half of my fathers life when he was totally physically dependent and not able to get out at all on his own any more. The stockbroker told me after my father died that neither he nor the trustees nor... Read more

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I'm recently widowed and needed a financial question answered. Based on my frriend's advice, I contacted Edward Jones. I had no intentions of transferring my accounts to EJ, but it happened without my total understanding. I never wanted a full service broker, and when I tried to make a trade, they wouldn't allow it. It was never disclosed to me that every action I took would require a call to... Read more

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